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Pres. Jonathan orders immediate release of report of forensic audit of NNPC accounts

State House press statement…
We have noted with concern, the
allegation by the spokesman of the All
Progressives Congress (APC), Alhaji
Lai Mohammed that officials of the
Federal Government are engaged in
“last minute looting of the nation̵ 7;s
resources, rushed privatization of key
institutions and hurried recruitment
into the public service”.
We also consider as most unfortunate
and uncharitable, the suggestion by
Alhaji Mohammed that the Jonathan
Administration is trying to “tie the
hands” of the incoming government
merely by continuing to discharge its
constitutional responsibilities until the
end of its tenure.
The Jonathan Administration which continues
to do its best to ensure a smooth and
peaceful handover over of power to the
President-Elect, General Muhammadu Buhari,
deeply regrets the unfairness and combative
frame of mind reflected in Alhaji
Mohammed’s statement.
President Jonathan has done his best in the
past five years to discharge his constitutional
responsibilities for good governance and
effective leadership of the nation.
Without any prejudice whatsoever to the
freedom of the incoming administration to do
as it pleases, within the confines of extant
laws when it assumes office, the Jonathan
Administration will continue to discharge its
responsibility to govern until May 29, 2015.
In continuing to fulfil the obligations of his
office however, President Jonathan has not,
and will never condone any form of
unscrupulous conduct on the part of state
President Jonathan will also never authorise
any attempt to create any problems for the
incoming administration as the APC
spokesperson, who ought to know that the
outcome of the March 28 presidential
elections does not imply a cessation of
governance, unjustly alleges.
As Alhaji Mohammed threatened in his
statement, the incoming administration will
be perfectly within its rights to review all
actions of the present government as it may
deem fit.
We see nothing wrong with that. After all, the
present Administration reviewed the actions
of previous governments on assumption of
office with resultant benefits for policy and
project implementation.
President Jonathan is also deeply concerned
by the continuing suggestions that his
administration still has anything to hide
about the unproven allegation that about $20
Billion is unaccounted for by the NNPC
during his tenure.
To lay the matter to rest, President Jonathan
in line with Section 7(2) of the NNPC Act,
has directed that the full report of the PWC
Forensic Audit of the NNPC accounts be
released immediately to the public so that all
Nigerians will be properly informed on the


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