Since appearance became one of the major concern of man., ladies have been saddled with the responsibility of ameliorating their looks after lots of processes with the help of artificial equipment known as MAKE-UP.This theory has been embraced to promote the sense of HUMOR among women.

   Make-up is mostly worn during ceremonies like weddings, naming ceremonies, house warming and other outdoor activities including dinners, clubbing, social gatherings etc. The history of make-up can be dated back to 3500BC among Egyptians


   However, during the early years of the 20th century,makeup became fashionable in America and Europe due to the influence of ballet, theater and the movie industry as it helped to uplift of beauty. Today, 83percent of females have resolved to wearing of make-up even before the commencement of their day-to-day activities.


Due to exposure and the interference of technology,ladies now have little or full knowledge of the basics of make-up usually involving the lining of the brows,concealing of blemishes,learning of perfect colors of one’s foundation and powder to apply., all put together for a glamorous and fascinating look. Women however should not exaggerate their looks but should realize that one’s inner beauty should be reflected upon as the REAL BEAUTY of a woman. Outer beauty will not remain forever, no matter what drastic measures are taken, THE EYES REMAINS THE WINDOWS TO THE SOUL.

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