10 Amazing facts about Adele


    Adele Laurie Blue Adkins, famous English singer/songwriter is back and better than ever. The singer’s third album, ‘25’, is on track to break records and already has listeners across the globe crying and calling their exes. Despite the rawness in her music, check out these 10 top facts about her;

  1. For 94 days she kept her son’s name a secret before it was revealed on her necklace:
  2. Ten bedrooms Adele’s mansion had, but she admitted only 9 out of 10 would ever be
    used. She’s subsequently sold the house and now lives in what’s described as “Hove’s
    Millionaire’s Row” in Brighton.
  3. One tour she had to cancel because of a vocal cord hemorrhage. She’s also admitted that a lot of it was down to a turbulent relationship with a boyfriend.
  4. For thirty seconds Adele’s advert played for during the adverts of X Factor on 18
    October 2015. She teased her new music, and the Twittersphere went wild with
  5. The position Adele was the sixth on Forbes’ 2012 list of the world’s highest paid
    celebrities under 30.
  6. For 4 times her album “19” went platinum in the UK.
  7. For 23 weeks her album 21 spent at number one in the USA, making it the longest
    running in that top spot since 1985.
  8. She holds 3 Guinness World Records. Firstly for being the first female to have two
    singles and two albums simultaneously in the UK Top 5, next for being the first female
    solo artist to hold the number one spot in the UK for the most consecutive weeks with
    her album ‘21’ (11), and finally 21 broke the record for the most cumulative weeks for a
    solo female artist at number one in the UK (18).
  9. Four years Adele spent at the prestigious BRIT School where she graduated alongside
    classmates Jessie J and Leona Lewis.
  10. She has won 86 awards, including 13 Billboard music awards, 10 Grammy awards, 1 Oscar, Golden Globe and 2 Glamour Women of the Year awards.







She is simply just AMAZING!!!

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