Young couple kidding at restaurant


You know how we ladies are always going on and off about how terrible guys are? Especially after a bad date?

Yes. It feels good badmouthing a guy, criticizing their table manners and, of course, their dressing!

But do we ever really take time to examine ourselves? Yes, your guy may not be neat, funny and of fine quality but he’s not perfect.

No guy wants a girl that’s always monitoring his every move. The funny part is he might be trying his best to impress you but let’s face it, the expensive human hair we put on our heads sometimes prevents us from seeing the good part. Don’t hate now, I’m a girl too.


The question we should ask ourselves is..If I could, would I date myself? I don’t mean a getting married to myself kinda thing. I mean if you were to see the male version of yourself, would you date you?

This goes for the guys too. Y’all be ranting about how that butt ain’t big (player!) but if you also met your female version, would you want you?

Nobody wants to be played. Point is we’ve got to work on ourselves. We may not achieve perfection but I know that if it were possible, if I could come across the male version of myself, I’d want to pull those glasses off and go “Damn! “


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