This week on A STAR ON THE RISE, we focus on a young promising talent

Q: Mr. Abstrakt can we meet you?
A: I am Isaac Afogie Ferdinand

Q: What are the cities you rep?
A: Edo and Lagos state Nigeria

Q: What is Abstrakts genesis or road to stardom?
A: Oh. I started recording with my laptop in my house. 2013. Then, my soundcloud was my only online resort.
So I started doing covers of internationally recognized songs. Until I could save enough for my own original songs.

Q: What is the title of your first song?
A: ‘Bad Guy’

Q: Who was the brain behind your first song?
A: My first song was produced by Gray Jon’z. Since then, the rest is history.

Q: What’s it like growing up in lagos, shuttling school and music?
A: it’s Difficult bro. I suspended school a little for music. Run studios in the day time and read notes and handouts at midnight. Just to catch up with classes I missed.

 Q: Hmm cool, Is there any artiste, international or local, you dream to work with?
A: Nigeria: Burna Boy and M.I. ; International Kanye West, Kendrick Lamar and of course Willow Smith.

Q: What about the producers u wish to work with, international and local?
A: International, I think Pharrell Williams and J.Cole. Local should be LeriQ and Sarz.

Q:How do u view the current standard of music in Nigeria and its content?
A:I’m not saying anything on that. Before my mentors begin to hate me.

Q: Lol. Your mentors? May we know them.
A:Lol. Choc Boys.

Q:But they do read good music, don’t they?
A: Not anymore. Ice Prince especially.

Q:Dont worry I wont post any of this. Lol.
A:????. You can

Q: Tell me….. is there any artiste u see as a threat or competition?
A: Naah! Absolutely no one.

Q:How do you view current fashion trends?
A: I don’t like the current fashion trends. That’s why I go unorthodox with my 90’s attire to soothe my own self. Old is the New new.

Q:Any Mrs Abstrakt? Yes or no
A:Lmao. Personally, i don’t even know.


 Q:Are u working on a new project that we should be expecting?
A: Yes I am. ‘South-Western Union EP‘ and the ‘REHABNORMALITY tape’.

Q:Where do you see king abstrakt in the future?
A: On a VMA performance, a Coachella set, a BET Cypher and the Grammy awards.

Q:Meaning you’ve set high standards for yourself…how high?
A:Very high. Very very!

Q: I know you roll with the DFS (de Full Street) crew. Are you still with the DFS crew?
A: We’re still cool. Just not officially. Some niggaz snitched. So, but it’s cool.

Q: Wow, sick!Do u have any ‘abstrakt’ word or line for us, from any of your previous tracks, a clincher?

You can’t blow the same period i’m blowing, that’s bad timing/
I’m in my Benz and other rappers are still pathfinding/
I said this before, now imma say it while I’m signing out/
I’m ‘abstract’, so don’t be scared when you can’t find me/
SO , From your own Humble Boy OZ  …That’s all for today ..Catch me Again next week On STAR ON THE RISE….Till then…..Bye!!!

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