Oritsefemi beaten at Quilox by bouncers

Nigerian singer, Oritsefemi, was beaten mercilessly yesterday, Saturday, November 12, by bouncers at Quilox club. The singer was said to have tried slapping one of the bouncers and allegedly stabbing him. According to sources, the singer was pissed when another musician – Rock Steady was prevented from getting to a particular section of the club.
Oritsefemi was already seated and having fun, when he sighted the scene and got up to intervene. He however slapped the bouncer and stabbed him, a source alleged. Speaking further, other bouncers allegedly descended on him, dragged him outside and beat him mercilessly to the surprise of many. He was later held for a while before he was finally allowed to go and treat himself. The MSN Gang artiste has confirmed that he was beaten up at popular Lagos night club, Quilox, early Saturday morning. A statement released by the crooner’s team reads: “On Friday 11th 2016, at exactly 2am at Quilox Night Club. Oritsefemi was attacked by a bouncer just because he was trying to stand for an older colleague and a friend. Oritsefemi was at the VIP corner when he noticed Sound sultan and Rock Steady were been bounced from entering the VIP section of the club. Oriste Femi who was not happy with the bouncers behavior stood up to ask the bouncer why he was putting up such attitude to An A list Artiste and a brother, the bouncer replied that An order was placed Down by Shina Peller the CEO of the club that no A list Artist should be allowed into the VIP section, claiming the A list Artiste were not his costumers and they have no value at his Club Just because of his rift with Davido.
“The bouncer told him to keep to his section or go join his colleague at the regular section, Femi accept the offer to join his colleague at the regular section but was pushed back by the bouncer, Before he could say Jack the other Bouncer was already rough handling him. “Oriste Femi who was holding a cup of wine had to defend himself by slapping the bouncer with the wine cup which gave the bouncer a scar on the face. Without waiting for Explanation the other Bouncers in the club came in and attack Oriste Femi and in d process of the attack Oriste femi’s N8.5m worth of jewelry was stolen by the club bouncers.
“Femi was injured and held down by the bouncers, claiming they were waiting for the arrival of Police. On the Arrival of police, Femi and the bouncer were arrested and taken to the police station where the ipo in charge of the case ordered Femi to treat the injured bouncer which he did and even Gave the bouncer extra cash for self-medication. “The IPO also ordered the Bouncer and the Club Management to Provide Oriste femi’s jewelry, which he hasn’t received till now. If we all will recall, this same Quilox was the same place Dammy Krane got messed up by Bouncers, same club Davido got confronted by this same Bouncers.”

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