Tips To Choosing the Right Fashion Accessories.

Most times, when we talk about fashion what comes to our mind is clothes. Fashion is not all about clothes, It also involves accessories. It can be foot wears, hand bags, jewelries or even sunglasses. We all want to look good but just the outfit is not enough. At times, there is need for accessories as they tend to complement and spice up our dressing. It is imperative to know that choosing a wrong accessory can mar one’s look regardless of how nice the dress is.

Do you feel bothered about choosing the right accessories? Here is a simple fix:

1)Know what suits you and go for it: This is the first thing to take note in choosing a perfect accessory. You know often times, people tend to make the wrong choice when choosing accessories because they do not know what actually suits them. Starting from your foot wears, sunglasses or even lipsticks! Not everyone looks good on a dark shade. Trying to wear a dark shade when you know it doesn’t look good on you is a no no. It’s going to mar your dressing


2)Keep it Super Simple:Simplicity at times is key. It doesn’t make you a S.U as people call it lol. You can be simple and at the same time look classy. You can never go wrong by keeping it super simple. This is the “kiss” principle, I really love it and i feel you may want to try it too winks


3)Don’t go for prominent colours:Well, i don’t have a bad thing for prominent colors. In fact, My favorite colour is red lol, but i just feel if you are the type that finds it hard to choose a nice accessory that could complement your dressing, going for a prominent colour like red or gold is not a good start. Prominent colours are choosy colours. Instead stick to cool or neutral colours e.g, navy blue, chocolate, black, white and of course nude colours. As the name implies “cool colours“… They are actually cool.



5)Try out other options:There is no harm in trying, in fact it boosts your knowledge. You are used to dangling earrings because you feel studs won’t look good on you.  Why not try it out first? It may even look better and if it doesn’t look nice, all you need to do is drop it. Doing this helps to get the perfect accessory to use.



So I hope you follow these tips and give them that hot look each time you step outwinks



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