Majid Michel Now Announces He Is A Preacher Of The Gospel

Dashing Ghanaian actor, Majid Michel who has recently been declaring his faith openly on his social media pages not too long ago wrote on the gifts on God and how he has been gifted to be a preacher.

See below:

“There is a distinction between the FRUiT of the Spirit and the GiFTS of the Spirit. We need also to understand this as it relates to the evangelist, the Pastor, the Bishop, the Musician, the Actor, the Apostle etc.”
Quite often we become charmed and captivated with gifted people. And we often assume that because they are gifted, that they are also spiritual. We say, “Wow, that sister can really sing gospel songs. She’s a great woman of God!” But the fact that she can sing gospel or motivational songs does not make her a woman of God. We say, “Boy, that brother can preach!” He is not a man of God because he can preach. The Bible says God gives gifts as he pleases. I am gifted to preach. But i recognize it is a gift from God. It has nothing to do with me. If you judge my spirituality by my preaching, i will disappoint you, because there is no relationship between my gift to preach and my spirituality. If you want to find out whether i am a spiritual person, if you want to find out whether i am filled with the Spirit, you have to wait until i finish preaching and hang out with me. The fullness of the Spirit is not a state of perfection. it is a state of surrender. It is not a state of sinlessness. it is a state of abandonment to Jesus Christ. When a person simply says, “i renounce all rights to myself and i give Jesus the right to do with me whatever he pleases.” #LEADERSHiP

Majid Michel has also been spotted at the Zoe Sanctuary with former colleague actors; Pascal Amanfo and Timothy Bentum (Timothy Bentum Ministries) at an event themed Breaking Alters.
According to SDK:
“The trio preached, prayed and anointed the congregation, throughout the 4-day program.
 Bentum is also set to bring together Actors, Presenters, Professionals and Musicians for Christ (APPMC), a Christian evangelism movement to embark on evangelism targeted at using celebrities to win souls for Christ. Michel, who has been with the movement since inception, is also part of it”.
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