Ladies You Should Never Think Of Deflowering


Do you really want to live long as a man, then read very carefully this list of women you must never try to deflower.

Before taking that step, there are categories of ladies you should not disflower nor impregnate if you know you won’t marry them
1. Spiritual Ladies 
Some ladies stay away from men just because they have vow to God not to lose their v!rginity before marriage. When you trick these ladies by promising them undying love just to take their v!rginity from them, God’s wrath will definitely come upon such a man
2. Hot tempered Ladies 
 In case you don’t know, some ladies are very aggressive that they don’t take poo from guys. If you dare break their v!rginity and try to dump them, they can torture you either by biting off your joystick or pour acid on you

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