Tips You Need To Identify A Fake Girlfriend


Note! Not all might be applicable, but if six (6) or seven (7) of these signs below is/are true…..I bet you the girl is not your babe.



  1. A Fake girlfriend will never call her guy for a minute, but continuous flashing is her hobby.

  2. A Fake girlfriend will never appreciate what her guy does for her.

  3. A Fake girlfriend will always complain on unnecessary things that has no meaning.

  4. A Fake girlfriend always requests for money, she will turn her guy to ATM machine.

  5. A Fake girlfriend won’t listen to her guy’s advice.

  6. A Fake girlfriend won’t respect/honor her guy, All she does is to always look down on him.

7. A Fake girlfriend wont sit down with her guy and talk to him how the relationship will lead to marriage.
  1. A Fake girlfriend won’t ask her guy the challenges he is facing at his work.

  2. A Fake girlfriend always lies to her guy.

  3. A Fake Girlfriend will cheat her guy in the end.

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