(Photo) Checkout This Miss Sahhara’s Bikini Body On Instagram + Things You Never Know About Her

Checkout This Miss Sahhara’s Bikini Body On Instagram + Things You Never Know About Her

The Benue state-born transgender beauty queen, Miss Sahhara showed off her bikini body in latest Instagram photo.
More about her below and photos: 
The British Nigerian beauty queen, fashion model, singer/songwriter, and a human rights advocate. She is known for representing Nigeria in international beauty pageants to draw attention to the plights of LGBTQI+ people in Africa.
 2011, She became the first Nigerian transgender woman to come out publicly on international press during the Miss International Queen beauty pageant in Pattaya, Thailand. On July 19, 2014, she was crowned the first ever Super Sireyna Worldwide in Manila, Philippines.  After winning Super Sireyna Worldwide, she founded a global transgender awareness foundation called TransValid. She is also a vocal critic of the 14 years imprisonment law of LGBTQI+ people in Nigeria.

A self described “fashion and beauty enthusiast”, her catwalk and print credentials ranges from fashion weeks to gracing covers of magazines internationally

In her teenage years, she was locked up in a Nigerian prison cell because of her femininity. Being imprisoned encouraged her to leave Nigeria, if she could not have left, the other option was to finally succeed in ending her life. She remembered her experiences in this poignant piece she wrote for G@y Star News on Transgender Day of Remembranceon 20 November 2013, which was re-published by some online news outlets

Nigerian Beauty Queen Miss saHHara Socialising.jpg
Read her touching story….
I wish I could tell the younger me who tried to commit suicide twice that life gets better and dreams do honestly come through. I did not imagine life could be this amazing many years ago after being released from a horrid Nigerian prison for being different. Then all I could think was I could die in this prison and no one will know or care. Being imprisoned felt justifiable, considering I was being punished for being ‘gay’ as they assumed due to my feminine features and mannerisms. I wasn’t gay, I am a woman born differently due to natural defects. What I felt did not match my outward appearance. Being assigned male at birth doesn’t make me a man or a woman, nobody was born a man or a woman, you are born male or female, then you develop into your preferred gender as you grow up thus making you a man or a woman. For me that gender was female. I was born male but my brain, gestures, features and carriage functioned as that of a female. Growing up and not knowing what was happening to my body made me confused and lost. I couldn’t discuss it with my family because my femininity was frowned upon due to religion and I could not talk to my friends because they would not understand what I was going through. I found solace in music and dreams. I dreamt of being free to be myself, free of insults, free of judgment and free from harassments

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