The Nigerian music industry is mourning over the untimely death of Eric Arubayi. who passed on to glory on February 11, 2017 in Delta State, Nigeria after  a brief illness.

Everyone loved Eric as a musician and a worship leader at the House on the Rock Church in Nigeria. He was brought to limelight through the reality TV show – West African Idol and then he was a contestant on Nigerian Idol.

eric arugbayi

Celebrities, friends and colleagues have poured in their tribute to remember the worship leader. See some tributes below on Instagram.


Uche Nnaji

Eric! Eric!! Eric !!! We have tried rejecting this news since yesterday, waiting & HOPING for you to just wake up from this deep SLEEP so you may continue with your LIFE’s journey , but waking up this MORNING to find out our close FRIENDS have waited all night for you to ARISE but you OBVIOUSLY prefer the OTHER side to this MADNESS we call Earth .
Eric it’s just been 10yrs friendship,dating back the day Yourself ,Timi , Omawunmi and other walked into our little Maryland OUCHlet after the white West African Idols Toyota bus dropped you guys off at mine for STYLING. since then we have all chased our hustle , The distractions were much to do other Genres of MUSIC but you said you just wanted to WORSHIP God with your music.
We progressed from Bachelorhood and became husband and then FATHERS. Eric you need to see the way Jayden looks at my daughter Ophelia whenever Nonso your beautiful and pleasant wife brings him over to our house.
Eric it was only you who kept reminding and HARASSING me that I can’t let my musical gift just slide and which we always laughed over it, Eric I still remember late 2015 when you called me up on stage to do a song along with you…So we won’t share such moment again? ??? ?
we never had the opportunity to have that PHOTOSHOOT for OUCH…would I easily forgive myself for been too busy to make that happen?
Journey well my brother and FRIEND.
But wait…Would MALARIA have snatched Eric from us at such a young Age in a Delta-state Hospital if PUBLIC officials didn’t STEAL the monies, but had JUDICIOUSLY used such funds provided to make available BASIC and GOOD MEDICARE in that state for that purpose?





Kelvin Sapp
Eric is among one of the guys who has kept asking me to relocate to lagos fully and most times I just tell him “Oga no worry I dey come cut the session with you soonest” Eric will tell me oh boy no joke with the malachi oh” We meet last in December,had a wonderful service at CGMI egiyere zonal HQT warri,cool guy that does not know how to form when he is with his hommies. We disturbed the service sha,himself @youngchiefyic nd I. It was so inspiring and fun that day with him and Eric has this unique pitch sha??nd because we always meet at #lagoswedding where he would take a session of worship before opening prayers. I had to nickname him #theweddingworshipper. Rest in God’s bossom .


Peggy Ovire
I can’t believe it, I choose Not to accept, You were Such a pleasant fellow from Abraka Days , A strong believer of Christ & Am So heart broken this Morning ?….. May you Rest In Peace Brotherly #Gone2soon#Eric#Rip????

Tim Godfrey
Your smile was like a bright light!!!!
Rest #Eric
God knows best!!!

Gaise Baba
Last time we saw was at Pita’s As I Am concert. Such a beautiful soul, you didn’t need to be really close to see it.
Good night brother, see you on the other side of eternity.
Praying God comes through mightily as a rock for your wife and son.
Friends, May we make the most of our time on this earth.

Goodnight brother. We met few times, very few times, but always so kind. That smile. The warmth.
My memory of you IS an inspiration, Eric.

Heaven just increased in beauty!


Lepacious Bose
I am posting this video with trembling hands: I literally went to bed on top of the world and the bitter news of your death, knocked me flat, and put the world right on top of me. I had to scroll through the pages of mutual friends to believe it…… Who are we to ask why? You lived right and did right, proclaimed Christ and carried his name like a banner for all to see…..
Today Lord my heart is so very heavy… Help me to hold on to my faith and the truth that you are a good God….. The voices I hear in my head says otherwise, my tears say different but my spirit knows your word. Help me to believe and trust you right now cos my faith is so weak and fragile and my flesh is weak.
Renew my strength Lord, restore my joy, renew my mind and remind me once again of your goodness and love
Eric…. Oh dear Eric….. Heaven received an angel…. But everywhere suddenly seen darker as the world lost a bright shining star…….. It is well…. I have to keep saying this today…. It is indeed well.

This was the first day we met… the idols audition … i didn’t make it but u did … even after making it big u took me along..
You gave me hope that i cud succeed… treated me like a brother .. seeing u on tv sing and smile gave my heart a lift and hope …
I remember when u wud call me to tell me u were coming to abuja and invite me.. U made me feel like i was a star..introduced me to everyone…
And when i was leaving back to Kaduna ,u will give me a lot of money and clothes.. i never thought i wud have.. I remember when u forced @omawonder to make me sing cos i didn’t make it to the idols show…
You taught me how to sing in falsetto… i never thought it was possible cos of my voice texture… u pushed me and taught me how. …..ERIC ?

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