#Beyoncé performed a melody of #LoveDrought and #Sandcastles during the Grammys on Sunday and paid homage to an orisha or deity named #Oshun who is the goddess of water, love and divinity as well as other goddesses of fertility in other cultures/religions. The singer was adorned in gold from head to toe just as the goddess is often depicted, so this was Beyoncé’s way of celebrating fertility and saying that she’d end the “Love Drought


Bey’s performance has caused an all out religious battle between Christians who are accusing Beyoncé of likening herself to God, or recognizing other “gods” causing her fans and spectators to idolize her, and people who are angry that she’s being demonized for acknowledging African goddesses.

During the production, some say that Beyoncé was also mocking Jesus when women laid their heads on her shoulders and kneeled before her like the disciples did in The Last Supper. Others say that Bey is “woke” and is trying to spread knowledge about African roots.


Exodus 34:14 from the Bible reads, “For thou shalt worship no other god: for the Lord, whose name is Jealous, is a jealous God” and Christians have referenced this verse to warn anyone who may be compromising their faith to idolize her.

The other argument is that Artists dress up as Greek gods and goddesses all the time and never receive this much backlash. The second a black goddess is honored through art, the artist is labeled as demonic or accused of possessing a spirit of insert infirmity here. Is it because we are upholding Beyoncé to such a high standard? Remember, idols only have as much power as you give them.

So, at what point does art go too far? For example, when Kanye West released his ‘Yeezus’ album, many people heavily criticized him because they thought that he was actually calling himself God. However, the rapper eventually explained that we are made in God’s image which makes us gods on Earth. So where do we draw the line? Certainly, you stand on one side or the other.

Do you guys think that celebrities such as Beyoncé and Kanye are causing people to idolize them? Is it possible to be a fan without being accused of idolatry? Let’s talk!



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