Secrets You Need To Know About Your Resumes, For That Job

Secrets You Need To Know About Your Resumes, For That Job



When recruiters look through a stack of resumes for candidate screening, what is the vital information they focus on?

Agree with Ambra Benjamin that above all else it’s about most recent role but here’s exactly what I’d like to know about it:

what you were actually doing (‘software engineer’ is a generic title with a huge variance of responsibilities – be specific about what that meant for you)

who you were actually working with (include details of team size, how your team fit into the org structure)

why the work was important to the company (was this the company’s core product you were asked to work on, or some other piece to enable things to happen)

I would also add that as a recruiter for a start up I actually value a cover letter more than if I worked for a large company. The resume isn’t likely going to allow me to make a judgment on a candidate’s knowledge and genuine interest in our company and product. Reading a paragraph about why you want to work here vs. why you just want to work anywhere could very well be the difference between being passed over and being called for an interview.
Of course, that requires the cover letter to be specific. Anything generic that appears re-used across many job applications or focuses only on your background (which I could just glean from your resume) is useless and detracts from any genuine or specific interest you might actually have in the specific company.













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