Kayode Bello Twitter reacts to law student’s expulsion over disagreement with management

Nigerians on twitter have reacted to Kayode Bello’s expulsion from Law School for challenging the school authority over the poor state of facilities in the school.
Bello, popularly known as Kay Bello, an alumnus of the University of Ibadan was recently expelled after a disagreement between him and the school management.
Some of those who know him on campus in the Premier University have described him as an active and outspoken student who always wants to get his voice heard about issues he believes are affecting students welfare.

Dear UI law Alumni! Kayode Bello has brought his ways to law school o.. he has written a petition against the DG 😂😂😂

— debola (@daebo_lee) March 20, 2017

His latest face off with the Nigerian Law School Authority in Abuja has led to expulsion from the post graduate program few days to their exams.
However, some twitter users have been praising the 34-year-old student for always speaking out, others have criticised him for fighting the school authority.

Kayode Bello, a student, expressed strong views about how the #Nigerian Law School is run. They expelled him?!! https://t.co/TMxmeekFok

— RightsAfrica (@chairmanNHRC) July 22, 2017

While others berate the Law School for punishing a student in this manner, @stylcefsofficial wants the tweeter community to get justice for the expelled student.

We will keep retweeting. Our goal is to get this young man #Bello_Olusegun_Kayode, #Justice. https://t.co/oBwWnSyg7P

— Styl-cef Ussr (@StylcefOfficial) July 24, 2017

On the other side, as many continue to praise him for his bravery by challenging the authority, others strongly criticised him for being controversial all the time.

Another twitter user believed his expulsion is justified as Bello chose to ignore the call of the school authority when he was summoned to hear his side of the story.

Lmaoooo law school invited you for hearing, you ignored them. Lmaoooooooooooo you played yourself. Your admission is a joke to you.

— Senior Man 🐻 (@Seyi__) July 22, 2017

Bello according to many of his colleagues is a very active, outspoken but very controversial. But while many criticised him for challenging and disobeying the school authority, the question others are asking is why is Kayode Bello a law student, if he can not challenge the Law School Authority.

Kayode Bello has been expelled by the Nigerian Law School. What is wrong with that dude.

— Oluwatosin Fatoyinbo (@Tosinfat) July 21, 2017


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