[Music Review] – Brymo’s New Album Titled “OṢÓ” Review | Rating Is 5/5

brymo 2018 album "oso'
[New Music 2018] – Download Brymo’s New Album Titled “OṢÓ” | Complete Tracklist

A REVIEW ON BRYMO’S NEW ALBUM Brymo (born Ashimi Olawale) Is a Nigerian singer, songwriter, composer and a recording artist. Over the years Brymo has undoubtedly brought a unique tactile sensation to the Nigerian music industry and has nonetheless kept on getting the attention of everyone.

This new album called “OSO (the Wizard) ” Which makes it his sixth album is undisputed and can be argued as the best so far from the multi-talented artist. As he is fond of switching his flow of words from Yoruba to English, so swiftly which has caused his fans to admire him more and also crave more of his music. Listening to this Album it’d be discovered that Brymo digs into the grounds for existence and the relationship between ourselves and the society at large.

He went further to question the futility of life, the issue of corruption, wickedness of man, diminishing love among individuals and nations, drug abuse amidst other life issues to keep the list short which he then spins into a melodic tone making you experience the spiritual feel of quality music.

The 11-track album with a run time of 38 minutes is “every penny worth” type of music  as it brings out real and natural entertainment in its Raw form offering you a sonic contentment while providing a fulfilling desire to appreciate the meaning of life by inspiring, encouraging and entertaining you all at once.

      The song starts off with ‘ No be Me‘  which basically started as a romance, but later becomes the recent society dilemma of people pointing fingers and not accepting the blame, which therefore takes us to the interlude titled ‘Mama‘, he appreciated maternal efforts and stretched a little bit further by talking about society injustice and segregation.

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Genuine love is hard finding and Brymo didn’t leave this out as his next track on the album ‘Heya‘  speaks directly to those looking for true love encouraging them to go out there to find their heart desires. A little array of hope could mean a lot which brings us to the next track ‘ Patience and Good Luck’ where he talks about people not  losing hope, but  to keep up the struggle ‘hang in there, don’t lose hope’  While ‘God is  in your mind’  one of the best for me on the album which he encourages us to be our own heroes. Other fabulous songs included in the albums include ‘Time is so Kind’, ‘Olanrewaju’, ‘Olumo’, ‘Entropy’, Banuso and finally Money Launderers and heart breakers.

While his previous works like ‘Merchants, Dealers and Slaves’  to ‘Klitoris’ have provided optimum satisfactory among music, his latest album OSO (the wizard) Has topped it all, produced by Mikkyme Joses one of the best so far he kept it serene and made the feel of every instrument used. We hope to see more from this rare breed of an artist, For now, go download this album and enjoy.

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