What’s My Admission Screening Score & Chances of Securing Admission? Over the past few weeks many JAMB candidates have asked us these questions endlessly. Others have been all over the internet in search of how to determine their admission screening scores and ultimately know their chances of securing admission this year.

Well, that is not really a wrong thing to do. But the thing is that no one really knows the standard that will be used by schools to screen candidates.

It is true that JAMB disclosed last year that candidates admission screening scores will be determine by the UTME score and O’level grades of the candidates through the POINT GRADE SYSTEM, However, many schools employed point grade systems different from the one stipulated by JAMB.

For instance, in last year’s admission screening exercise of Lagos State University (LASU), A1 in any of your O’level Subjects is equivalent to 10 points while the same A1 in University of Ibadan (UI) last year was equivalent to 6 points.Also in AAUA the same A1 was equivalent to 3

This may have been due to the differences in JAMB cut-off mark in these schools or for some other reasons not known to us.

So there is every possibility that schools will still use different standards this year unless some thing is done about it.

Now apart from this, there are other factors and policies that influence and ultimately determine who gets admission and who does not at the end of the day.

So do not think that your “perceived” admission screening score automatically qualifies you for admission in your school of choice.

This is not to discourage you but to ensure you are well informed and more importantly help you decide whether or not you still need a change of course or institution when JAMB enables the portal again.

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