See Damages Done To The Lives Of Our Youths by Higher Institutions

This rampant damages has become a menace in the lives of our youths, and may cause more damages as long as it remains untreated.

The cause of this trend has been argued by various debating parties. However, I reasoned within me that argument cannot ‘cure’ the ‘disease’, but a technique which I call ‘IDENTIFY, LOCATE & DESTROY “.

What Are This Damages Done By Higher Institutions?

1.) Disregard to Foundation: Yea, if the foundation be destroyed, what can the righteous do? Many students are actually from respected homes, some from a well trained background, while others are from a very poor but honest families. But the fact remains that once a student gains admission into higher institution, he/she becomes a different person within the first level to the next level either good or bad.
In this category, I have heard stories of many ‘deeper life ‘ church members who turned completely to something else after gaining admission into higher institution. Also, Many BORN-AGAIN Christians became unbelievers as a result of worldliness in school. What is happening? Many students who are well trained from home became unlearned after they have attained UNIVERSITY level.

2. Hypocrisy : Many students became completely hypocrites as soon as they gains admission to higher institutions. In this category, A prostitute in the school comes back home looking decent and incorrupt. I have heard of a situation where a church interpreter who is a prostitute in the school disguises to the alter each time she visits for holiday. Who are we deceiving?

3. Cultism in The School: Hail to that man whose son will go to the university and return without marks of tattoos all over the body. Most students are initiated into Cults after they have attained higher institution, either by threat or by self will. 40% or more students, (mostly males) who went to the University or Polytechnic returns home either smoking, tattoos all over the body, or with some strange and questionable characters.

4. Female Prostitution: This reminds me of that lady who gained admission into one of the schools that pay large amount of money as school fee; 500k and above. Her family could not afford it because they were poor , so she decided to go into prostitution. Many students has been lured into prostitution by lecturers and people of higher hands. Some do it in order to pass their exams, others do it because they had no option, while others who do it are retained by lecturers as “sugar …whatever”. What Is All These?

5. Ungodliness Among Youths: Many youths have erred from the faith they were taught at home, In this category, you will see regular and consecrated choir in a church where attachment is not allowed , dress like JEZEBEL after she have gained admission into higher institution.

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