LETS TALK!! When You Were A Kid, What Did You Want To Be In Future?

Now that you are fully grown, I hope your eyes are open and you understand life is not a bed or roses 😀

As a kid, we all have that aspiration to become one of these – LawyerDoctorBankerArchitects and many others.


Along the line during Secondary school days, many dropped theirs when they noticed Science Class is not for the weak, Commercial is a bit better and Art is cheap 😩 They changed the plan!


Some people changed or was deprived during their Admission stage into the higher institution and since they don’t want to waste any extra year at home, they let go of their childhood dream. That’s life 😩😩


Also, some people changed their mind when they noticed everything “I want to become a” was easier said than done and requires a lot of money to making it a reality, they just let go to choose another career path.


When I was young, I wanted to become a Neurologist (Doctor who handles the Brain) but when I noticed the standard of Naija Universities ehn….

I changed my mind so I don’t end up increasing the number of Mad people in Nigeria. I believe you all understand what am trying to say na 😂😂

Now, the questions are these 👇

👉 What Did You Dream Of Becoming As A Kid?

👉 What Did You Eventually Became & What Was The Reason Behind It?

Let’s talk.

God bless you all.

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