Meet Tanzanian medicine man who fixes “Slow Transformers

Sabil Abdul, the flamboyant witchdoctor from Tanzania, says every day, he treats more than 10 men who want their libidos boosted.

Abdul reveals that most of his male clients are men aged above 40 years. His special medicine made from special herbs goes for Sh40, 000.

“Every day, I treat more than 10 men. My medicine, which comes in liquid form, is made from special herbs. I take time to look for the drugs because the plants are rare,” he told The Nairobian.

So, after how long does one start experiencing the effect of the medicine, we ask.

“I can assure you that within seven days, my clients start to regain their libido. I am talking from experiences my clients have shared with me,” he said.

He adds that most men suffer from low libido due to their ‘poor diet’.

“The problem is caused by the chemicals found in food that we consume. The chemicals block the blood vessels and blood doesn’t flow down there. My medicine unblocks the veins. It is a sure bet since it is a long-lasting solution,” he shared.

Abdul says that female clients who want to be bullies in bed also consult him. “Women are shy, but there are those who are bold enough and seek medication to boost their libido too,” he added.

He added that most of his clients are notable personalities, among them politicians, top lawyers, senior corporate managers and even popular pastors.

Jamal Manze, another Nairobi based mganga, says his treatment is different.

It involves pricking the patient’s private parts and smearing a certain powder. This treatment is done for three days.

“Nowadays, the number has gone up. Men as young as 25 years old seek my services. I give them special soup that restores their libido within hours. For some, I give them a special powder to be applied around their private parts,” he says.

He adds that: “For ladies, there is a special gel going for Sh5, 000 that is meant to be smeared all over their bodies to relax their muscles and give them sexual urge. Most of the ladies coming for this treatment are 45 years or older.

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