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LETS TALK!! When You Were A Kid, What Did You Want To Be In Future?

Now that you are fully grown, I hope your eyes are open and you understand life is not a bed or roses 😀 As a kid, we all have that aspiration to become one of these – Lawyer, Doctor, Banker, Architects and many others. POINT 1…

Question Of The Day: If Your Ex Mistakenly Credited Your Bank Account With N500,000 What Would You Do?

Hi Guys/Babes, Guess your weekend went well? Lets discuss this interesting topic and have fun. Just imagine this.. You are sitting outside the house with a chilled bottle of Coke and cake and then your phone beeps (New SMS Notification)…

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Ladies get in here! Omotola wants to know if this guy is hot or not

The actress shared the photo with this caption, ‘Since I got the script for #tribunalthemovie and started researches on #albinism I have come across some of the hottest humans! Is this guy hot or Not. If he asks you out ……

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Lol!! Rats Hanging From The Ceiling At Murtala Muhammed Airport Lagos – (Photos)

Two huge rats were recently spotted hanging from the Ceiling at Murtala Muhammed International Airport in Lagos state. The rodents which were still alive as at the time they were spotted – were filmed swinging from electric wires at the check-in counters….